E-Lighthouse Network Planner is the Most Advanced Network Planning Tool 

Networks are multilayer, so we are.

We are born as a unified multilayer tool simulating the full E2E interactions at all the layers, including IP/MPLS, OTN and PDH/SDH. Multilayer planning is a must to avoid false or hidden redundancies, and all sorts of myopic and expensive planning decisions.

Vendor agnosticism is a must.

Operators’ and vendors’ interest may be different. Cost evaluations are based on customer-defined equipment catalogues and compatibility databases.

Each customer needs are different.

We provide customized solutions adapted to customers’ OSS/NMS. Ask for tuned functionalities.

Current planning procedures

Manual demand forecasts

Myopic & isolated IP and transport views

Vendor lock-in

Poor planning functionalities

External tools

Costful designs, error prone, time consuming


E-Lighthouse Network Planner

AI-based forecasts

Unified multilayer tool

Vendor agnostic

State-of-the-art algorithms

Integrated with customer OSS/NMS system

Fully optimized network!

A tool to help planning departments to save tons of money in planned equipment & tons of time in their workflows

Optimize the network

Assist planning decisions

Seamless integration

Some words about us

E-lighthouse solution is the first pure multilayer network carrier-level planning tool, based on open interfaces, and customizable to adapt to customer needs.

Who are we?

E-lighthouse Network Solutions is a start-up specialized in providing carrier-grade multilayer network planning customized software and consultancy solutions.

We are born with strong R&D roots, from internationally recognized expertise in multilayer network optimization and planning. This permits us offering a state-of-the-art multilayer design and be the first incorporating cutting-edge technology variants to our multilayer network view. Going beyond the academic vision to fill the gap between R&D and real-life network planning, is in our DNA.

E-lighthouse Network Planner is born as a third-party multivendor tool, leveraging on our experience and prestige as founders and leaders of the internationally recognized open-source network planning initiative Net2Plan.

Why choose us?

Multilayer & heterogeneous networks

Real-life networks mix multiple technologies, at multiple layers, with heterogeneous equipment coming from multiple vendors. E-lighthouse Network Planner fits to that.

We believe in customized solutions

We provide different levels of integration of our planning software with the customer OSS/NMS system. We believe that this is the form of keeping an updated network view, putting the network planning inside the operation workflow, and thus helping our customers to make the most of the network optimizations that our software can bring.

We are experts in networks

Our team holds wide experience in network design, management, and operation. Our services can also help the customer on its strategic planning and techno-economic project evaluations.

Main features

Find out what our planning tool can do for your network.

Multilayer visualization

An attractive multilayer graphical visualization with geographical positioning of the network topology,  access to network performance metrics, visual insights and analysis of the interactions among layers.

OTN/DWDM Simulation

G.709 compliant, flex-grid, multi-modulation, multi-vendor. Alien wavelength handling capabilities. State-of-the-art optical impairments, routing and spectrum assignments reports.

IP/MPLS Capabilities

IGP/BGP simulation with user-configurable traffic injection policies, MPLS-TE tunnels, user-defined QoS and link scheduling policies, L2/L3VPNs, IP multicast, Link aggregations.

Design & capacity planning

Fully multilayer design & capacity planning, considering the total costs at the different layers, as well as automatic elaboration of traffic forecasts and simulation of network upgrades under them.

Reporting & BOM

Customized reports summarizing the network state and performances, automatic elaboration of bill-of-materials for network upgrades, leveraging on the customer’s inventory & equipment catalogue.

IP hierarchical topologies

Our IP-hierarchy functionality, lets the customer define IP node hierarchical levels (e.g. access, aggregation, core, interconnection), and the connectivity constraints among them. Our optimized designs will match such constraints.

IP traffic forecasting

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to forecast the network traffic from the NMS link monitoring information, and our state-of-the-art algorithms can build the network origin-destination IP traffic matrix from there.

Live view

ENP ad-hoc developments are targeted to connect to the customer OSS and NMS to have a Live view of the network, its inventory and equipment catalogue for new acquisitions.

What-if Analysis

Simulated analysis of network vulnerabilities under customer-defined traffic shifts and/or network failures, visually identifying critical points, disclosing the interactions among layers.

Equipment catalogue

Customer-defined, vendor-agnostic multilayer equipment catalogue, considering installation and acquisition costs, compatibility info and stock management.

Ad-hoc development

We adapt our tool to connect to customers’ OSS/NMS and develop ad-hoc functionalities.

Traffic engineering

Optimization of the resource allocation and traffic engineering, for making the most of existing equipment, and identifying underutilized resources for decommissioning.

A Multilayer Network Planning Tool to maximize your network efficiencies

Optimize your network discovering underutilized resources, hidden points of failure or congestion. And improve your strategic planning and decision making.

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